Baby-safe Bottle and Utensils Cleanser 100ml

IDR 21.000

NEW!! Babymax baby-safe bottle and utensils cleanser provides you with the best cleansing power of premium food-grade, naturally derived, plant-based surfactant that effectively removes milk and food residue. With the luxuriously mild scent of bergamot, we made sure that your baby's food and drinks will not be contaminated by strong odor. All our Babymax products are guaranteed by HOMEFREE gold label. pH balanced formula means it’s soft for your hands too.



Non-ionic plant-based surfactant, purified water.



For  best  water  and   energy  efficiency,  pour  10 mL  of  our Babymax Bottle  and Utensils Cleanser and soak your beloved baby's bottle and utensils for 15 minutes, wash then rinse.

  • Kanaya
  • 03/06/2016 - 10:13:57

cpt bgt brngX nyampek, nyoba produk baru ini semoga cocok dan bisa order lg kl abis. dari yg aq baca bahan" yg terkandung semua aman buat bayi. tq babymax

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